About Me

Me and my face (on holiday in Mallorca – oh to be back!)


My name is Clare, I’m 30-something and I’m from Liverpool, UK. .

The name ‘Sutz Manchego’ is a random pet-name my boyfriend gave me and it kind of stuck for everything.

I’ll be sharing my crafting, cooking and anything else new that I do.

For the record, my likes include crafting, reading, cooking, learning new things and dogs – especially my favourite boys, Bentley (my 2 year old Romanian rescue dog) and Paddy (my year old brother in the form of a Shih-Tzu).

My dislikes include poor grammar and/or punctuation (I’m sorry I HAVE to correct people!) insects (except for ladybirds), general ignorance and people who look for arguments.

I’m mostly sane, but have anxiety and depression issues, as well as living with Rheumatoid Arthritis. These are things that are a large part of who I am, although they don’t completely define me. Crafting helps with the former but the latter hinders my ability to craft – SWINGS & ROUNDABOUTS!

So whether you are a crafter, a blogger or someone who enjoys cooking, I hope you enjoy my blog! Please feel free to contact me or comment on any of my posts.

Thanks for visiting!

Sutz xxx

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